Uniquode was formed by likeminded individuals who believe that motivated employees can create great places to work. We have in our collective 30 years of experience seen that engaged employees lead to delighted customers, no matter what the area of work may be.

We are a group of extremely competent individuals in the Microsoft domains who have worked on complex projects over the last decade on the .Net, MS CRM, SQL Server, JQuery and AngularJS domains. We have a firm hold on the desktop and web application technologies ensuring that our clients always have the latest versions to stay ahead of the times. Our employees strive as a group to stay abreast of the latest technologies through continuous learning and peer challenge which is a culture at Uniquode

Today, Uniquode has delivered high class software services across a variety of industries ranging from Energy to Automotive to Academic and Logistics. Our team of 20 continues to delight customers from North America to the West Indies to the Middle East. Our passion for learning and teamwork coupled with integrity has enabled us to achieve world class heights due to our employees’ focus on customer requirements

We attribute our success to the freedom and diversity of our employees. We understand that all people are unique and each one brings something new with them. We also believe that the attitude to learn precedes the working skills which can always be learnt

We have released our first product "Skoolbell"
India's first comprehensive collaboration platform for pre-primary

Skoolbell offers a one stop interface to manage various branches, classes, teacher assignments and information pertaining to students and parents. Skoolbell tracks student movement across the years and reduces the burden on teachers and the school by allocating students to their respective groups.

  • 11years of business exp.

    The Company was formed with people in the Apps business since 2005 to offer cutting edge technologies for Clients seeking to grow their business

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  • Win - Win

    Excellent Services for Customers by Excellent Associates at work

Our Approach

We take nothing for granted. Every project is new and is seen with fresh eyes as the Client would imagine it. We then approach the project with a suitable model customized to the Client’s requirements and comfort. We believe that what you see is what you should get. We create mock-ups, obtain approvals and code through the application to get it right the first time to the best possible extent.

Customer Focus

When we commit to a client, we ensure that it is done at all costs. Uniquode takes its deadlines very seriously and the sense of accomplishment for a job well done is highlighted above all else. It is these qualities that are promoted in teams along with the freedom to innovate and share that keep us right on the frontlines of technology. Our Clients keep us rooted and constantly challenged to exceed their expectations every time. And happy Clients mean repeat business.

Our Success Edge

Uniquode follows the two qualities of Persistence-at-Work and Commitment-to-All very seriously. We encourage people to think on their own and arrive at solutions on their own. We recognize the fact that all people are different. Different modes of thinking are encouraged as a heterogenous mix of solutions can be arrived at leading to different paths in technologies. The desire and attitude to solve problems is highly encouraged and employees are hired for these skills.

The Technologies


Our Skills

  • C#.Net 98%
  • SQL Server 80%
  • MVC 5.0, JQuery, AngularJS 98%
  • Microsoft Azure 90%
  • Xamarin for Mobile 95%

Like to
Join us?

Want to join us?

We are always looking for passionate programmers. If you love programming and want to work on the latest technologies, mail us your CV to contact@uniquode.in

Uniquode does NOT look for academic excellence or grades. We believe that if you love your work, you will excel.